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Our research has shown that unless you use the highest quality organic ingredients, then the results achieved varied considerably.

We have tried and tested most of the available plant extract ingredients that are on the world market.

We gave our test group three different grades of plant extract.

Grades One and Two performed similarly to each other, in that they produced unpredictable results, varying from no benefit at all, to marginal improvement.

Grade Three plant extracts consistently produced remarkable results.

Symptoms disappeared much more quickly using Grade Three plant extracts.

We only use Grade three plant extracts in Sinus Doctor, to ensure the very best response.

This grade of organic ingredients is not normally available in health stores, due to cost.

It is not worth taking any chances with inferior ingredients.

Use the finest organic ingredients and they will work.


Special Extract 1. This is a plant extract called cinnamomum zeylonicum, which has been collected from a specific source in the Indian sub continent.

Special Extract 2 . This is a plant extract called eugena corsphylate which has been specifically collected in Madagascar, where the best of this species is found.

Special Extract 3 . This is a plant extract calledand thymus vulgaris (serpyllum), which has been specifically collected in the Balkans. The ability of this plant to destroy bacteria cannot be overstated.

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